End-to-End digitalization delivered


End-to-End digitalization delivered


End-to-End digitalization delivered


End-to-End digitalization delivered

Company overview

By mastering the risks of short Time-to-Market, tight budgets and quality compromises, Blackdorf is delivering complete End-to-End services for product development at any level of the Internet-of-Things chain. Having defined a working framework with our partners, we can deliver products directly adapting to your business and cash-flow model, without disturbing your daily business and minimizing your operational risk.

Blackdorf AG is located near Zurich Switzerland, with a subsidiary in Prague, Czech Republic and an accredited network at the developers community throughout Europe, ready to engage to any challenging project.

Welcome to Blackdorf

It is great having you visiting our home! A team of professional experts with over 10 years hands-on delivery on software and systems is warmly welcoming you on its Internet-of-Things unique world.

Digitalization solutions

Our core End-to-End expertise extends from hardware to the actual cloud agent platforms, allowing visualization of data and enabling services in a scalable manner. Internet-of-Things is in the heart of all cases from wireless connectivity, GSM and LoRa to industrial Field-Bus systems extending from ProfiNET and EtherNET-IP to legacy systems like ModBUS, ProfiBUS or RS485.

Digitalization services

End-to-End products

Development and delivery of IOT related software and hardware products. Beginning from the architecture concept over the design and delivery of the software and hardware components until the analytics and business modeling for a successful End-to-End Go-to-Market strategy.

Software as a service

Delivery of structured, well documented and scalable software services for embedded and web backend systems, tailored to your product stack.

Web & cloud services

From cloud deployment to dedicated product APPs, allowing an efficient and continuous integration at multiplatform level (AWS, Azure, etc...)

Business modelling & analytics

When we have securely delivered your application data to the cloud, our premises let us design your Cash-Flow mechanism to reach your financial targets with the least risk possible.

Upskilling & Advising

Digitalization has a large potential for monetisation. To be able to levarage any digital investment, the operator shall be in a position to promote, communicate and sell the value delivered. Come in contact with us for our training and upskilling possibilities and gain a fresh wind to your customer perspective.

Digitalization sales training

Most of the digital products fail to be sold in market. Some of the core reasons are incorrect presentation of the value proposition, sales are not trained or do not fully understand the digital product, or the business model is not flexible. Start with us at any stage of your digitalization strategy and develop an End-to-End sales approach that will give you a high turn rate on your leads.


Do you have what you need to create value and innovation? Is your culture ready for the digital era? Lets work together on an internal transformation program, allowing current staff to be upskilled and bring a fresh wind to your product portfolio.

Pair Development

Do you have a great idea for your porfolio, but you miss the time or the skills? We can develop the project togehter, providing the highest rate of know-how transfer and keeping your core knowledge internally.



Having created value on various industries and delivered worldwide IoT and digitalization products, we have joined forces to provide an End-to-End packaged solution. We cover the entire digitalization chain from product development to the final business analytics, along with the correct Go-To market strategy plan. Come on board to share a unique digitalization development experience.


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