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Blackdorf AG

Farmanstr. 41, 8152

Glattpark, ZH


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Customer Experience to captivating UX

Customers focused, generate and schedule growth using our already proven marketing AI and automation techniques. 

Where Marketing becomes intelligence

AI solutions that create real efficiency

Our AI building blocks allow fast integration to Azure, AWS or Google Cloud and expand your functionality to increase created value for your end customer.

End to End - Smart Facility Management Solution

Text Extract (OCR) and Document management

Retail and Merchandising 

Insurance expenses optimisation

AI-IoT Solutions data driven solution

Eagle EYE

Our in house developed Therma and supervision camera that host an entire AI stack for local and cloud solutions


AI-IoT solution with GPS, Humidity, Barometer, High accuracy accelerometer, Temperature, Light and various industrial IOs. 

Connectivity over BTLE, WiFi, CAN/CANOpen and ModBUS

Linux with Embedded AI

We implement our AI stack to your embedded solution in RTOS or eLinux systems.

Creating Value with AI and

data driven solutions

Customer Experience Enrichment

We adapt the customer experience of your digital products allowing growth and scalability. Profit from our establshed validation and testing strategies and improve your UX/UI to represent your vision.

Artificial Intelligence

We own our AI stack and we use established frameworks to dock to your needs. Our solutions extend from Marketing automation, Image recognition, Text interactions and NLP.

Software as a Service

Our Software building blocks are constantly improved and scaled to various types of applications. We operate all Cloud provides (Azure, AWS and Google) to make sure your application is leveraging all market advantages.

AI - IoT

Internet of Things is our fundamental story. We love to create with your End-2-End solutions leveraging our HW/SW Embedded, Cloud and Frontend skillset.

 Data Analysis Journey

Together we define your success metrics and KPIs and develop a full stack solution from viewing to forecasting

Data Clarity

Using the latest R, Python and C# frameworks and technologies we create clarity from your data.

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